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  • Bond value upto Rs. 20000/- :
    Such of the Bond Holder who are holding up to 200 Bonds of the face value of Rs.100/- each , per Investor ID , need not surrender the Bond Certificates for Maturity Payment. Such Bond holders are required to fill up the updation form which is also available on the website.
  • Bond value above Rs. 20000/-:
    • The Bond holders holding more than 200 bonds of the face value of Rs.100/-each, per Investor ID, are required to submit the Bond certificate/s duly discharged on the reverse of the certificate/s,by the holder/s furnishing their bank particulars to any of the UTI Financial Centres or at the office of UTITSL. The holders signature to be attested by the Bankers under their official seal mentioning the name, designation and signature code of the attesting official.
    • In case the holders do not have the original bond certificate, please fill in the forms available on the website under the heading "procedure for obtaining duplicate bond certificate". Alongwith the requisite documents the forms for maturity redemption also needs to be duly filled in and submitted.

Forms to be filled in and submitted for issuance of duplicate bond certificate:
  • For the bond value above Rs. 20000 but upto Rs. 50000:
    Indemnity bond to be provided on a non judicial stamp paper (Annexure X)
  • For the bond value above Rs. 50000:
    Indemnity bond to be provided on a non judicial stamp paper (Annexure XI)
    Letter of surety (Annexure VIII)

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