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Request For New PAN Card Or/And Changes Or Correction in PAN Data
Date: 20-Nov-2019 (Version : 1.7)

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Note  :  Physical PAN card will be delivered to applicant`s address.    e-PAN will be sent to applicant`s e-mail.
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Applicant has to fill in all the mandatory fields freshly but select tick mark only in the box(es) relevant to the fields (from sr. no. 1 to 11) that require a change/correction.
All mandatory fields are indicated by * on this form page. Clicking on the Box indicated by puts a tick mark marking the field for applying the change/correction.

1. Full Name* (Full extended name, address, dob to be mentioned as appearing in proof of identity /address/ dob documents. Initials are not allowed)
Last Name/Surname
First Name
Middle Name
        Name you would like it printed on the PAN card*

 2. Details of Parents(applicable only for Individual applicants) *
             Father's Name(Mandatory - Even married woman should fill in father's name only) *
            Last Name/Surname
First Name
Middle Name
            Mother's Name (optional)
            Last Name/Surname
First Name
Middle Name
            Select the name of either father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card (Select one only)
            (In case no option is provided then PAN card will be issued with father's name)

 3. Date of Birth / Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons          *  
 4. Gender(for 'Individual' applicant only) *

  5. Photo Mismatch *
  6. Signature Mismatch *

 7. Address for Communication *
        Name of the Office (to be filled only in case of office address)    
        Flat/Room/Door/Block No. *
        Name of Premises/Building/Village    
        Road/Street/Lane/Post Office    
        Town/City/District *
        State/Union Territory *
        Pincode *
        Country Name *

 8. If you desire to update your other address also, give required details in additional sheet

 9. Telephone number Telephone ISD Code*

Area/STD Code*

Telephone/Mobile number*
        Email ID *

 10. AADHAAR number(if alloted) (Enclosing Aadhaar card copy is mandatory)  
                 Name as per AADHAAR letter/card  

 11. Mention the Permanent Account Number(PANs) inadvertently alloted to you
        PAN 1  
PAN 3  
        PAN 2  
PAN 4  

        I/We   the applicant, in the capacity of do hereby declare that what is started above is true to the best of my/our information and belief.
        I/We have enclosed (number of documents) in support of proposed changes/corrections.


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